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Meet the Owner, Founder and designer

My name is Kelly Meacham- Founder, owner and designer of Slay Swimwear. As a first generation college student. I followed the American dream every parent would want for their child- study, get a degree, and get a corporate job after college, and I did just that. After working and managing a Fortune 500 company for several years I decided to quit my job and pursue my passion of designing head turning swimwear for affordable prices.

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The name Slay Swimwear says it all. We are a company that likes to help women build their self confidence. These bathing suits are made to turn heads, so when you wear them, remember to SLAY!

Empowering Women

Creating jobs for women and empowering women is important for community transformation. Research shows that women will spend up to 90% of their salary on health, nutrition, and education for their families to better future generations and their communities.  We employ hard working and creative women and also volunteer at a women's non profit organization every week. Slay Swimwear also provides creative and hands on internships. For more information please contact us at contact@slay-swimwear.com. We love to see women Slay no matter if it is in the work force or in their wardrobe. We build a women’s self confidence by making affordable head turning pieces that will transform her body into a sexy goddess.

How We Got Here

Founder Kelly's best friend, Blair, was going though a very stressful time in her life. To escape from the stress in Indianapolis, Blair would drive to Chicago on the weekends. Here they would spend hours separating rhinestones, and applying them onto any article of clothing they could find. Feeling very proud of their designs they would wear them out. After seeing the positive reactions from their designs, Kelly decided to take the idea one step further. She decided to take a risk and move to LA to sell her designs. 

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When starting Slay Swimwear. Kelly's main goals were to keep the swimsuits at affordable prices, create unique styles and provide great customer service.

With Each Swimsuit Purchase

With every swimsuit purchase, you will receive a beautiful Slay Swimwear Swimsuit bag. It's our free gift to you! Our bikini bag can be used for so much more than just your wet bikini. You can use it for your makeup, toiletries, to throw in your gym bag or baby bag!

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Giving Back

Slay Swimwear loves animals! Slay Swimwear is a proud supporter of the nonprofit organization, Animals Asia. Animals Asia Foundation is a Hong Kong-based charity that seeks to end cruelty to animals in Asia.