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Do you love bling? Slay Swimwear is your go-to destination for sexy, affordable, head-turning swimwear. We are a company that likes to help build self confidence. Our figure flattering designs will transform you into a sexy goddess. Our line is made to turn heads, so when you wear them, remember to SLAY! Designed in Los Angeles.


Creating jobs for women and empowering women is important for community transformation. Research shows that women will spend up to 90% of their salary on health, nutrition, and education for their families to better future generations and their communities.  We employ hard working and creative women and also volunteer at a women's non profit organization every week. We love to see women Slay no matter if it is in the work force or in their wardrobe. We build a women’s self confidence by making affordable head turning pieces that will transform her body into a sexy goddess.

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